The New Year is the time when we all look at ways to improve our health and appearance. Shine is a unique clinic. We provide holistic care for the individual who wishes to age with good health, balance hormones to improve energy and enjoyment of life, as well as to improve the physical appearance using non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Now is the time to consider a plan to better health and improved appearance. At Shine we can help you develop such a plan. Individuals may benefit from one or even all services we provide. Below is a brief summary of how we can help you in 2015.

• Medical consultation to address any areas where health can be improved now, or to prevent chronic illness in the future. Hormone assessment and balancing is a large part of what we do, as well as providing advise on diet and lifestyle factors. We can even arrange genetic testing to see if you carry risks for certain preventable chronic diseases.

Medically supervised weight loss program to safely lose up to 10 kg in 6 weeks.

Cosmetic injectable treatments to remove unwanted lines, treat volume loss and lift sagging skin.

Skin treatments to refine the skin, remove pigment, redness and broken capillaries. Also to reduce fine lines, pore size and acne or other scars and to tighten the skin.

MedContour – a painless ultrasound treatment to remove localised fat, reduce cellulite and tighten the skin on most parts of the body.

If any, or all, of these services would be of benefit to you, please make an appointment at Shine. We would be happy to discuss treatment possibilities.

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