Living longer certainly appeals to most of us. Not so appealing, however, is living those final years in a nursing home or as a burden to those we love. Prolonging life is pointless without also improving quality. Anti-ageing medicine is about doing exactly that.

Most societies, including our own, follow a healthcare model that involves treating disease once it arises. Wouldn’t it be so much better if we could prevent most of those diseases in the first place. The key, of course, is to look at the underlying causes and to make changes in individuals at risk.

Anti-ageing medicine is a form of advanced clinical preventative medicine. It is based on early detection, prevention, treatment and, in some cases, reversal of age-related degenerative diseases. More than 90% of adult diseases are due to age-related degeneration along with environmental impacts, eg heart disease, stroke, many cancers, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and dementia.

An anti-ageing program involves individualised patient assessment and ongoing care. As with all specialties of medicine, investigations and therapies are constantly being refined and improved upon. All treatment practises are evidence based and supported by scientific research. Treatment programs will generally involve, but are not limited to:

If you are seeking medical guidance for ways to stay healthy, active and vital as you age, anti-ageing medicine will have some answers for you. It is also self-evident that if you want to look your best, it is essential to address these same issues.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can improve your health now and in the future, make an appointment at Shine and we can discuss a personalised treatment program.

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