“Better than a Facelift”

Dr Mauricio de Maio is a highly respected plastic surgeon from Brazil who has developed an advanced technique and process for injecting dermal fillers known as MD Codes. He travels the world, training experienced injectors using these techniques and I was fortunate to be invited to his recent two day course in Sydney.

The MD Codes are strategically positioned injection points used for different areas of the face. The codes offer a very precise and analytical means of assessment and treatment that give natural and predictable results. The MD Codes strategy involves injecting exact amounts of specific dermal fillers at precise levels to give lift and contour.

As we get older, fat pads in the face are reduced and underlying bone is resorbed. The result can be an overall saggy, tired or sad appearance. Nobody wants to be giving out this message when it is not the way we really feel inside. MD Codes assessment and treatment gives us a precise strategy for treating these concerns.

Assessment and planning are the key to success. A detailed treatment plan is devised that will predict the volume of filler required and the reasons behind this. It is essential to use only the specified hyaluronic acid fillers, as these will give a soft, subtle and natural appearance at rest and with movement. I have been using these fillers at Shine for many years and am very happy with results.

A number of treatment sessions are then planned. The time frame to achieve ultimate results can be varied to suit desire as well as budget.

The results that can be achieved using MD Codes are completely natural and subtle. A facelift may be able to deliver equal results, but not everyone wants or needs to have surgery. There is always a higher risk of complications and costs are much greater.  The other point of difference is the downtime. You may need weeks off work with surgery but back to work the next day with this non surgical treatment.

At the completion of the treatment plan, results can be maintained with ongoing assessment and small amounts of top up fillers as needed. If you are interested in discussing a treatment plan using MD Codes, please call and make an appointment for a complimentary consultation.

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