What makes a face attractive to us? We know that there are certain features like clear skin, high cheek bones and full lips that we find attractive, but sometimes it is an attitude or a welcoming facial expression that appeals to us.

As a cosmetic doctor, I am frequently asked by my clients, what is the best treatment for them. There is rarely a single simple answer to that question. The face is a complicated thing! There is an underlying bone structure we don’t have much control over. Covering this are many complex muscles responsible for facial expression, chewing, opening and closing our eyes and many other important functions. Then we have the facial fat and soft tissues to give the face shape and curves. Overlying all this is the skin.

Everyone ages differently and may benefit from different treatments, but in most cases, looking at the face at all levels and combining treatments will give the best results. I will look at treatment possibilities to address each of these areas.

The Skin

There is no doubt that clear and smooth skin looks most attractive. Treatments here may include IPL for reduction of pigment and redness, skin tightening and resurfacing with Sublative RF will improve skin texture. Dermastamp with or without Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are also excellent treatments for smoother skin.

It is also essential to look after the skin at home by using topical products regularly that have been proven to give results and not wasting money on luxury moisturisers with token amounts of untested ingredients.  Our new product line Shine Skin ticks all the boxes here.

Facial Fat, Soft Tissues and Bone

As we age, we lose volume with loss of facial fat and even underlying bone disappears. Fat gives the face natural curves and prevents sagging of the skin in the lower face under the influence of gravity.

Injectable facial fillers can be used to add volume to these areas and lift the sagging skin. We use natural hyaluronic acid fillers that are compatible with the skin, temporary, but long lasting. Treatments are simple and involve minimal, if any, discomfort with the use of anaesthetic agents. The emphasis is always on completely natural and subtle results.

Facial Muscles

A strong frown or down turned mouth can unintentionally give out an angry or sad emotion to others. We can soften the function of the muscles creating these negative expressions with anti-wrinkle injections. We can also soften ageing crow’s feet and forehead lines with these simple treatments.

Good Health

There is no faking the radiance of good health on the skin. Have a healthy diet, lifestyle and outlook on life and you will look years younger.

As I said earlier, when it comes to looking our best, we often need to consider a number of treatments and the best way to do this is to come in for a complimentary cosmetic consultation to discuss all possibilities. Many of these treatments work synergistically. For example, treating the skin with IPL will often give greater longevity to your anti-wrinkle injections.

We don’t think twice about visiting the dentist regularly to look after our teeth. The same applies to our face. Regular visits to the cosmetic doctor keeps our face looking its best, completely natural and age appropriate.

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