For some women, the decision to start having cosmetic injectable treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers can be daunting. After all, we are making some subtle changes to the face that can alter our appearance and the way we are seen by others. In the right hands, though, this process is a very safe and rewarding experience.
It is so important that any cosmetic treatment, whether it be surgery or cosmetic injections, improves the appearance but does not change who we are. There is a great deal of skill involved in delivering treatments that:

• Are subtle.
• Allow us to look our very best.
• Allow us to look less tired or less angry.
• Do not make us look like someone different!
• Do not make us all look the same!

Unfortunately, we have all seen people who have not had this experience and look completely fake and overdone. To get the best results from cosmetic injectable treatments, it is so important to find the right cosmetic physician. This must be someone you can trust and talk to. This is a relationship that should last for years.

A thorough consultation is essential with time given to discuss any particular concerns you may have and to talk about achievable results. Everybody has different goals, and treatments can vary from very minor interventions to a more significant makeover.

Most people do not want to make major changes to the face. Most are looking at making subtle enhancements that can slow down the appearance of ageing. Treatments can be done in a step wise fashion, making small improvements over a mutually agreeable time frame.

The process of ageing does not stop, and it is rare that we get to a stage in life when we no longer want to look our best. The ideal scenario is to have a relationship with your cosmetic physician the same as the relationship with your family GP. Someone you can trust to give you the best advise and recommendations specifically for you and delivered with skill and expertise only acquired through years of experience and further education.

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