We all want to slow down the process of skin ageing as much as possible. There are various features that characterize the process of ageing on the face which are:

  • Brown pigment, usually from sun exposure
  • Red pigment, usually from broken capillaries
  • Skin laxity resulting in lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores

At Shine, we have excellent treatment options that address all of these problems – the Elos Triniti series.

As the name suggests, Triniti involves 3 different treatments in one session. The first treatment is photo rejuvenation using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and RF (Radio Frequency) energy to correct abnormal areas of increased brown and red pigment.
This is followed by a skin tightening treatment using gentle pulsed infrared light and RF energy to provide deep dermal heating of collagen fibres. This results in contraction and tightening of the skin, along with some long-term collagen stimulation.

The final treatment is the Elos Triniti series is called Sublative RF rejuvenation. This resurfacing treatment uses RF (Radio Frequency) energy and treats the deeper skin layers. The skin is treated with a single-use applicator tip in a matrix, or grid-like fashion. There is minimal effect on the surface of the skin and maximum effects at deeper layers. This results in less downtime for the patient and more collagen stimulation.  Sublative RF Rejuvenation improves fine lines, skin laxity, scarring, textural irregularities, enlarged pores and improves skin tone.

A Triniti treatment at Shine generally takes about 2 hours. The skin is thoroughly prepared with topical anaesthetic to ensure the process causes minimal discomfort.
Following a treatment, there may be some minor swelling, redness and heat in the skin. Fine dots in a matrix pattern seal over immediately and will fade quickly over a few days. In most cases, redness and these fine dots can be hidden under a good quality mineral makeup.

Best results are achieved with a series of 3 Triniti sessions, at least one month apart. Each treatment provides great benefits, not just the appearance, but also to the health of the skin. Collagen stimulation will continue over subsequent weeks to months.

The Elos Triniti series is suitable for most skin types. If you would like to find out if Triniti is the best treatment for you, please contact Shine for a complimentary skin assessment.

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