When it comes to beautiful and subtle facial rejuvenation using cosmetic injectables, it is important  to assess the face as a whole. We need to look at the overall shape, the way the face moves and expresses with talking and animating and the overall emotion the face conveys. Then, we can  look at the face in thirds – upper, middle and lower. An attractive face is all about balance. Balance between these thirds as well as within these thirds. In this article I am going to focus on treatment possibilities for the lower face. I will talk about the other thirds in future articles.

The lower third of the face extends from the base of the nose to the lowest part of the chin. The lips, chin, jowl areas and jawline are included here. In youth, the lower face is ovoid in shape. As we get older, we get heavier in the lower face and this area becomes squarer. Treatments should aim to restore the more ovoid or heart shape to the face as a whole.

To reduce heaviness in the jowl area we must look higher again to the mid face. If there has been volume loss in the fat pads of the cheeks or in front of the ears or even along the jawline, gravity will pull the looser skin down to the jowl area where it collects. We must restore this volume higher up with fillers and this will lift the jowl area.

Lips should look like they belong on the face. They should not be dominating the face or screaming out” look at me”. Subtle lip treatments need to address the surrounding tissues as well as the lips themselves. Very small amounts of fillers can be used here to give very natural results.

The chin has been an under treated area for years. This is changing. We now realise that a beautiful, well shaped chin is an essential part of rejuvenating the lower face. Muscle relaxing injections are very simple and can do quite a bit here. If the mouth corners are down turned and giving the mouth a sad expression, this can be addressed. Very commonly, as we get older the muscles in the chin get stronger creating some resting tension and wrinkling in this area, as well as pulling the lower chin up and adding to the square appearance of the lower face. This is also a simple treatment.

Fillers in the chin area can be used to restore balance. We can add subtle length to the chin, or forward projection if needed. A deep chin crease can be a harsh feature on a female face. This can be softened using fillers.

The female and male chin need to be treated differently. Men obviously do look better with a heavier, squarer jawline and require a slightly different approach.

To get the best results, it is essential to use the highest quality products and have the treatment performed by a highly experienced cosmetic physician. In the right hands, these are very safe and simple treatments with no downtime.

Jenny, our Practice Manager, recently decided to treat her chin area. We have included some before and after photos.

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