A youthful face is not just smooth, clear and wrinkle free, it also has attractive curves and contours and an oval shape. This is because of a balanced distribution of superficial and deep fat overlying healthy muscle and bone.

As we age, we lose some of these fat pads in certain areas of the face – typically in the cheeks, temples, around the eyes and the mouth and along the jawline. We also have some loss of the underlying bone. The result of this volume loss working with gravity is a heavier, squarer lower face with loss of some of the attractive facial curves and contours of our youth.

It is possible to restore these areas of volume loss using dermal fillers. It is important to note that we are restoring natural curves and contours to refresh and lift the face. The result must look discrete and completely natural.
At Shine, we use a long lasting dermal filler for volume restoration. This product also
contains local anaesthetic and is very comfortable to inject. The results are subtle and natural.

Client of Shine Clinic – Before and After, Cheek Filler.

Once volume is restored, we can look more closely at the surface of the skin. We have some excellent new dermal fillers available to treat superficial lines and wrinkles, lasting twelve months or more.

As part of the rejuvenation process, we can also use muscle relaxing injections to treat frown, forehead and crow’s feet lines.

If you would like to find out your best options to give you a fresher, more youthful
appearance, the best idea is to come in for a complimentary assessment. We can discuss the possibilities.

Call Shine to book an appointment for a complimentary cosmetic consultation and
Treatment Plan on 3262 7642.

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