Shine Clinic’s Skin and Ageing Facts

Finding skin and ageing facts are an important part of making a decision about what kind of treatment will help you the most. While the internet is a great place to do some preliminary research, it can also be really confusing. At Shine Clinic we believe that knowledge is power, and that certainly extends to everyone who considers exploring the possibility of a skin treatment or help with ageing issues. That is why we have gathered the best knowledge related to our treatments and set them here for everyone to explore and learn from as they begin their path to a new and healthier self.

Many of the pages that cover various skin and ageing facts in this section will talk about far more than simply what we offer here at Shine Clinic. Because you can only make an informed decision when you have all the facts, we introduce you to a wide range of related treatments as well as give you the clinical background on many of these treatments.

Skincare and ageing care have come a long way in the last decade. Many of the treatments we offer grew out of newfound knowledge derived from clinical studies for treatments completely unrelated to the topic at hand. It is why we continue to attend conferences, read about new clinical studies and ask questions of colleagues in our field. It is an exciting time to be involved in this type of care, and we will continue to add to our library of facts and information as new studies and treatments come to light.

Our Skin and Ageing Facts Library of Fact Sheets

We offer a selection of fact sheets on everything from facial rejuvenation and hand rejuvenation for bringing back youthful and healthy skin to new approaches for hair removal and to control sweat issues. We talk about how the evolution of body contouring has changed over the years as well as the latest findings about anti-ageing and weight management.

Our fact sheets cover the emergence of light and radio waves for new ways to rejuvenate skin and how by combining certain therapies we can create a synergistic approach that exceeds anything done by these treatments on their own. We believe that by offering this body of knowledge to interested readers, we can together create a new and informed way to take care of our bodies and age with grace.

Talk about Treatment Facts with Kathy

Do you have questions about a treatment you are interested in but feel you don’t know enough about it to make the decision? Looking for skin and ageing facts we don’t present here in our fact sheets? Like any medical treatment, skincare and ageing care is an evolving field and often old reports can make some treatments appear risky while new findings can move the entire field in a new direction. Feel free to ask for a consultation with Dr Kathy Gallagher to discuss any treatments you are interested in or have questions about.

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