Multimodal Skincare Treatments from Shine Clinic

Skincare can be a complex business. Finding the right solution to a specific problem can often require not one treatment but a combination of treatments that deliver the changes that we seek. Even Cleopatra liked to mix things up; her favorite facial treatment was a combination of sour milk, grape peel and lemon juice. Today we have more sophisticated treatments to choose from, but the desire to keep our skin healthy and age at bay are the same as they were back in her day.

We are always considering how combining some of the treatments we offer can deliver better results than each of the treatments on their own. We talk with other skincare specialists and attend seminars to hear about the latest findings including new ideas on multimodal skincare treatments. We have learned that when it comes to taking care of our skin, there is always more than one solution and sometimes combining them can give surprisingly superior results.

Since skin can be a complex organ, in addition to being the largest organ our body has, it can take a complex approach to solve some of the issues we face. This is especially true of ageing skin which can require more than one type of treatment to give a person the best possible outcome. While any of our treatments give results, these multimodal skincare approaches can deliver far beyond what any single skincare regime can hope to accomplish.

Deep Facial Lines – While dermal fillers are usually the first treatment choice for deep lines, when combined with Intense pulsed light and radiofrequency treatments, the skin tone and texture can also be greatly improved. In addition, a peel or a micro-dermabrasion treatment can add fullness in general and create a layer of fresh new skin in the wrinkle treatment area where dermal filler has been applied.

Fine Wrinkles – There are a number of solutions to the fine wrinkles we often get around the eyes and the lips, including the use of a muscle relaxing injection. One of the most complete facial rejuvenation treatments, and a perfect multimodal skincare companion, is the Elos Triniti Treatment for facial rejuvenation. The three modalities will even out skin tone, tighten up loose skin and increase collagen and elastin production for better skin texture.

Eye Rejuvenation – When using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate the areas around the eyes, the rest of the face can feel out of balance after the treatment. This is why we often recommend considering having PRP treatments in other key areas of the face, usually in conjunction with Dermastamp to give the skin an overall improved tone and texture.

Lip Rejuvenation – While dermal fillers and muscle relaxers can help to reduce or eliminate those fine lines around the lips, the question of the tone and texture remains. This is why we sometimes recommend a treatment of combined IPL and RF to even out the tone and improve the texture by stimulating collagen production in the lip area.

Refirme Skin Tightening – This radiofrequency (RF) treatment is often paired with laser or intense pulse light (IPL) treatments. This is because RF treatments work with the deeper layers of the subdermis while laser and IPL treat the outer layers of the skin to give a complete skin tightening treatment.

Skin Peels – These highly effective skin rejuvenation techniques work best when combined with other longer lasting treatments. These can include dermabrasion because of its ability to trigger remodeling of skin cells and topical ointments such as retinol for encouraging growth of healthy skin cells.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation – While this skin treatment gives a gradual improvement to skin tone and texture, a micro-dermabrasion treatment several days before or at least two weeks after the IPL treatment will improve the shedding of old skin to improve even skin tones.

Hand Rejuvenation – Dermal fillers are often used to fill in the thin ropey skin on ageing hands. When done in tandem with PRP treatments the hands can have improved texture and a fuller healthier skin tone. Pigmentation spots can be removed with IPL treatments. RF treatments are often used as well to aid in collagen production to help with skin texture. When combined, this multimodal skincare approach can have a big impact on the look of ageing hands.

Underarm Treatments – Many find that having both excessive underarm sweating treatments and permanent removal of underarm hair a major boost to help them stay cool in the increasingly hot summers of Australia.

MedContour Body Contouring – If you are in shape and healthy, there may be just one or two specific areas not responding to the usual diet and exercise. This new non-invasive treatment can removes fat from those areas. It pairs well with is radiofrequency, which tightens the skin and even improves tone.

Healthy Ageing Programs – All of our anti-ageing treatments from our bio-identical hormones to our nutritional supplements program are best done as a multimodal treatment after with consultation with Dr Kathy Gallagher. In addition the therapeutic advantages of skincare treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and our Triniti skin care regime can help combat the external signs of ageing.

Weight Loss/Fat Removal – For both of these types of programs a good companion to them would be to have a body contouring treatment at a specific time during the program. It can also be helpful to have a skin tightening program as significant weight loss leaves many with with fat loss in the facial region. Finally, a facial rejuvenation treatment at the end of a period of weight loss can be a real boost and a great way to celebrate the new you.

All of these multiple modality treatments should not be considered without first having a consultation with a doctor such as Dr Kathy Gallagher. Discussing goals and possible results can help with the final outcome. In addition, some treatments can be done at the same time while others need to be paired up in a specific order. We always recommend a consultation before any kind of treatment to ensure the best possible outcome.

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