Can’t Lose Weight? Learn about Shine Clinic’s Weight Management Program

Do you feel like you just can’t lose weight no matter what you try? While losing weight in order to be healthier is a noble goal, there are many diets out there that claim everything under the moon but simply don’t deliver. Others put you through the wringer and are unsustainable in the long run. We believe that by combining a strict diet with scientific methods proven to help you lose the weight where you need it gone, and keep it off, we have found a diet that works. Don’t give up and say you can’t lose weight, there are options out there.

When you combine a natural hormone that signals change in your body with a strict diet, changes can be made. You can lose weight. There is a diet that has become quite controversial in the last while. Some claim that it misrepresents itself because the low calorie diet would make anyone lose weight. They are partly right, anyone on a diet restricted to 500 calories a day would have to lose some weight. But that isn’t enough, you want to lose it where it does the most good. That would mean losing fat instead of muscle. You also want to be sure you aren’t in another yo-yo diet that will see you gain all that weight back. This is where the addition of a unique hormone comes into play.

When you follow our protocol, this hormone can:

  • help you use your own body’s natural methods to keep hunger at bay
  • help target fat cells instead of muscle when losing weight
  • prevent you from regaining the weight.

It is all about understanding how this hormone works and why, which is why we see it as a clinical approach to weight management that can only be done successfully when working with an experienced physician.

Learning Why You Can’t Lose Weight, and How to Change that Naturally

First of all we use a naturally occurring hormone that all women produce when they become pregnant. It is actually produced by the cells that will become a baby when they attach themselves to the wall of the uterus. It is only in our bodies for a short while, at the beginning of a pregnancy, to ensure that the pregnancy is successful. It will peak in activity in about the first ten weeks of pregnancy and then taper off. A pregnancy test is usually testing for the presence of this hormone.

As anyone knows who has ever been pregnant, nausea and a lack of appetite is pretty common in the first month or so. This is one of the side effects and is one reason that is it used in conjunction with a strict diet to help you control your appetite. This does not mean you will feel ill the whole time you are on the diet, but you probably won’t be as hungry as you usually are and will be full faster. This will help you to keep to the 500 calorie a day diet.

Another side effect of introducing this hormone into your bloodstream is that it will ensure that when you do lose weight, it is fat cells that go and not muscle. Muscles are the low hanging fruit of dieters because they weigh more and so are going to yield a much more impressive weight loss when you shed them. The problem is that fat and not muscle is what you need to lose to effectively keep that weight off.

At Shine Clinic we have actually seen this fat loss do more than simply make you slimmer. It can help make you healthier for a couple of very good reasons. The first is that when you start to lose fat, you produce less oestrogen, including the kind you don’t want. But the big extra is that the diet is a great detox for your body. If you keep to the diet, your liver will function as it should keeping unwanted hormones out and simply being more efficient. Nothing replaces the good feeling we have when our body is healthy once again.

About Those Off the Shelf Diets

Many of the complaints about this diet are really about the supposed ‘homeopathic’ versions offered on-line. These do not actually have the hormone and if they do it is in such microscopic amounts that it is virtually useless. In addition, taking the hormone orally will not give you the benefits having it injected into your bloodstream does. Oral hormones give only about 1/2 of the serum levels needed for success. It will work, but not as efficiently and there is always a greater risk for muscle loss. We recommend this treatment for weight control under the supervision of a doctor.

When protocol is followed correctly, by a doctor, the hormone is delivered directly into the bloodstream. This means that the hormone can act directly to create an anabolic state in your body that is receptive to building muscle It can also encourage the return of hormones such as testosterone that help build muscles. Clinical studies have shown that it can introduce a state that makes the hormone receptors in our muscles work better. You can’t get these kinds of results with off the shelf diets that deliver the hormone orally, if at all.

A Team Effort

Maintaining the diet established through a consultation with a medical professional, such as Dr Kathy Gallagher, is key to losing enough weight to reach your established target. Not everyone thrives on the same diet; consulting with a doctor, and ongoing support from that doctor, is an important part of this diet plan.

A healthy lifestyle during the diet, including getting plenty of sleep and exercising before and after the diet as a follow-through, is also an important element to this treatment. But when you add in the hormone injection, it all comes together. It is not magic but it can make the difference between simply losing the weight only to gain it back and losing it for good. Don’t think you can’t lose weight, when really all you need to get started is the right guidance from a doctor and a little help from Mother Nature.

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