Who doesn’t want to look a little fresher and rejuvenated at this time of year. (Or any time of year for that matter!) However, as the Christmas holidays approach, there are definitely more parties and get-togethers to attend. We usually catch up with families and friends and want to look our best at these occasions. This means looking a little fresher and rejuvenated using natural-looking and subtle treatments with no downtime.
Here is a guide to the most effective treatments available at Shine to have you looking fresher, more “lifted” and maybe just a little younger for the holidays. All treatments are truly ” lunchtime” procedures, allowing you to return to family or work straight after.
Anti-Wrinkle Injections– There is nothing that works better than this to lift and refresh the face! You can spend hundreds of dollars on all kinds of creams and potions and never get the same results as this simple ten minute treatment.

Dermal fillers – This is about restoring volume and lifting the face. New products and techniques produce the most natural results and have you walking out the door with instant results.

Microdermabrasion– This simple treatment is for everybody and freshens the face by removing dead cells from the skin’s surface, blackheads and unblocking pores.

Skin Tightening with Elos – Although best results are seen with a course of treatments, a single session can result in a subtle lift to the face. This is a completely painless treatment with no downtime.
MedContour– If you have an area on the body that you are not happy with, despite dieting and exercise, this treatment is perfect. Localised areas of fat and cellulite can be reduced with some overlying skin tightening. A course of treatments is needed, but what better time to start-either now or in the New Year. That has got to look better on the beach!
Although simple and quick to perform for the client, it is important to note that skill, experience and training are everything when it comes to getting the best results. AtShine, all cosmetic injectable treatments are performed by Dr Kathy Gallagher in the setting of a medical consultation.

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