Hormones influence virtually every function in the body and have a powerful effect on how we look and feel. As we age, some hormone levels decline, whilst others increase. Every cell in the body has receptors for every hormone, so when the hormone is altered, the cell no longer functions as well.

There is no end to possible symptoms relating to hormonal imbalance, but typically we see tiredness, depression, hot flushes, loss of libido, memory problems, weight gain, skin ageing, menstrual and premenstrual problems. In many cases, symptoms can be quite vague.

If you are at all concerned about your appearance and the condition of your skin, then you must be concerned about your hormone levels. With low hormone levels, skin ageing is accelerated.

Hormone balancing may involve dietary changes and lifestyle advice. Sometimes nutritional supplements will help. If hormones are required, however, then only bio-identical (or natural) hormones are recommended. These are hormones that are biochemically identical to the original human hormone. The last thing we want to do is to add in a foreign chemical that was never intended to be there.

In our quest to be the best version of ourselves, hormone balancing represents yet another piece of the puzzle. If you can relate to any of these symptoms or problems, consider making an appointment for a medical assessment.

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