For this month’s article, I am continuing on the theme of improving the jawline. With ageing and loss of underlying bone and fat in the face, there is some sagging of skin. It collects in the area we call the jowls and the jawline loses that nice sharp definition of youth. There can also be some retrusion of the chin.

This month, Julie-Anne volunteered to have a little fine tuning in this area and allow us to use her photos.

The areas I have treated here are the jawline and chin as well as the nasolabial lines. The changes are very subtle, but definitely an improvement. The chin has better projection and this has also helped lift the neck in areas. There is also an improvement in the jawline definition and softening of the nasolabial lines.  

Once again the treatments were based on the unique assessment and treatment protocol – MD Codes. I have been using this method of assessment and treatment using dermal fillers for over eight months and it has made a huge difference to the results we can obtain. I just love it!  

An initial consult is performed and photos are taken. Then a plan is devised and divided into a number of treatment sessions. These sessions can be a few weeks to a few months apart, depending on budget as well as the desire to get to the final result.

If you think you may be interested in finding out more about MD Codes or using dermal fillers generally, please book a complimentary cosmetic consult with myself.

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