We know the importance of choosing healthy, unprocessed food and regular exercise when it comes to our health and also looking our best.

We also take a great deal of care when we choose the right outfit for a special occasion.

It just makes good sense that we are equally as careful about choosing the most appropriate treatments to improve the appearance of our face and skin; and that we have complete confidence in both the doctor performing the treatment and the products that are used.

Fashions come and go. Clothes and shoes are purchased in one year and delivered to the “Vinnies” bin in another. We can’t do the same thing with our face! If we want to look our best as we slowly age, we have to look after the face and skin that we were given. This is not something to be put off to a future date, as the longer we postpone good cosmetic care for our skin and face, the less satisfying the end result. We can always make small improvements, but the best results come from prevention and early treatment.

We all age differently depending on our genes and environmental exposures. There is no formula or “one size fits all” when it comes to cosmetic treatments. It is essential to consult with an experienced cosmetic doctor to work out a plan of management.
At Shine Clinic, we offer a highly professional and personalised service. Our clients always know exactly who they will be seeing and receive individualised attention from the same provider.

It is also essential to use the highest quality when it comes to cosmetic injectable products. At Shine, we do not compromise and use the brands supported by extensive clinical data establishing the best efficacy and safety. All brands are not equivalent and have differences when it comes to longevity and side effects. These are topics to discuss with your cosmetic doctor.

It is important to note that cosmetic injectables are prescription-only medicines. Legally, they can only be prescribed by a doctor who has consulted with you about the treatment. You can rest assured that experience, quality and individualised treatment is everything at Shine.

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