We all want beautiful, natural and well-balanced lips. We don’t want overdone, pouty sausages sitting on our faces. Why do people do it?

When we see these individuals (and we do see them), we secretly think “I never want to look like that!”. Unfortunately, this sometimes frightens people away from the possibility of a natural and subtle lip rejuvenation.

When this procedure is done well, there is subtle plumping of the lips, restoring a more hydrated appearance. Vertical lip lines are also reduced. The lip may just need a little definition of the border to restore the Cupid’s bow or to prevent lipstick bleeds.

A beautiful lip has a delicate shape and this can be enhanced. It is important not to simply inflate it like a car tyre. Creating or restoring a beautiful lip requires skill, experience, as well as an artistic eye. It is not possible or desirable to give everyone the same type of treatment. Individual assessment is needed.

Lips at Shine will always be natural and subtle, with a more beautiful shape and a little more definition. The products used at Shine are of the highest quality, giving a soft and natural feeling lip as well as good longevity.

Subtle lip rejuvenation can look good on women from their 20’s to their 70’s, when done well. If this is something you’ve thought about, please feel free to book a complementary consultation at Shine to discuss this further.

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