We have had so much interest and excitement around my last month’s newsletter article about a revolutionary technique for facial assessment and subsequent treatment using dermal fillers called MD Codes, that I have decided to write a bit more on the topic.

An assessment using MD Codes is very thorough. A clinical examination is needed and photographs are taken. First of all, we need to know the reasons behind a decision to have a treatment. For a lot of people, they wish to look less tired, angry or sad. They feel their outward appearance does not reflect how they feel inside.

Some people see some heaviness, or jowls in the lower face. This can be very ageing and can be improved by addressing all areas that contribute to this problem.

With age and sometimes weight loss, it is common to lose volume in the temple area and this can give the face a slightly skeletal appearance. The lateral brows become lower and this adds to a sad or tired appearance. Utilising MD Codes allows us to look at the areas that contribute to these negative emotions and treat in a very precise and predictable manner.

We can actually treat and improve the appearance of “ tiredness”, “sadness” and “sagginess”.

If we use MD Codes to assess the face, we are looking firstly at the foundation areas. These are areas that give the face structure and support. With ageing, we lose fat and bone in the cheek area first as well as the jawline and chin. We need to assess and treat, if necessary, these areas first. Using MD Codes, we assess all areas in a precise manner that allows us to calculate exactly what is needed to restore balance and structure.

We then have the option to move on to refinement or “fine tuning”. Using MD Codes we can assess other areas including the tear troughs, brow shaping, nasolabial lines, marionette lines, the lips and perioral area.

This is a planned treatment that will give considerable improvements in a completely natural way regardless of how far it is taken. Some people may choose to treat just some of the codes, but, of course, best results are achieved by addressing all areas of need. The other benefit of this plan is that it can be staged. Treatment sessions each work toward the end goal, but can be spaced, as desired, to suit either the budget or the enthusiasm to achieve the end result.

An assessment using MD Codes can be very interesting and an opportunity to discuss options for giving a subtle and completely natural rejuvenation. I am happy to offer an MD Codes assessment as complimentary. I think it’s exciting to know what is possible. Please feel free to ring and book an appointment to see me if you think you may be interested.

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