With Summer nearly here, it’s time to think about how we are going to look in that bikini. At Shine we have a completely painless way to reduce stubborn pockets of fat, smooth cellulite and improve the appearance of problem areas such as the legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms, without the need for surgery or anaesthesia.

We are one of the few clinics in Australia to have the MedContour. This treatment device recently WON best non-invasive, painless procedure in the USA compared to all other fat and cellulite reduction technology in the world!

MedContour uses a technology known as ultrasound cavitation. Ultrasound is emitted from the hand piece at frequencies of between 20 and 60 Hz. Between these frequencies, the ultrasound wave will result in the formation of micro bubbles in fat cells which expand and contract rapidly until they explode. This results in rupture of the fat cell membrane and destruction of the cell. The fatty acids within the cell are then released into the lymphatic system. They are then transported via the lymphatic and blood system back to the liver where they are processed through normal metabolic pathways.

This treatment does not damage any of the surrounding tissues, nerves or blood vessels making it very safe.

MedContour is superior to other cavitation devices on the market for a number of reasons. The unique hand piece uses two angled ultrasound transmitters, rather than one. With vacuum suction, the skin and subcutaneous fat is lifted up into the hand piece  and this specifically targets fat and cellulite as it is moved across an area. It also uses a carrier frequency of 1 MHz to deliver the 20-60 Hz frequencies. This provides up to 50 times more power at its deepest setting than its closest competitors.

A treatment session takes around one hour and includes lymphatic drainage with a separate hand piece to facilitate faster processing of fat through the lymphatic system. A second lymphatic drainage session is also performed after a few days. The number of MedContour treatments needed will vary from person to person and will be dependent on the size of the person and the desired results. Most people will need between 4 and 8 sessions.

Results are permanent provided you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. We provide you with dietary information and occasionally recommend nutritional supplements that may enhance lymphatic drainage or to help detoxify the liver.

If you feel you would benefit from a course of MedContour treatments, call us at Shine to book a free consultation today. Shine also has a special on MedContour packages for the month of October.

Click here to view a video about Med Contour.


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