We all know the importance of choosing healthy, unprocessed food and regular exercise when it comes to our health and also looking our best. We also take a great deal of care to choose the right outfit for a special occasion.

It’s the hairdresser that gives us the best haircut and not the best pair of scissors. So it just makes good sense that we are equally as careful about choosing the best cosmetic doctor to deliver optimal outcomes when it comes to cosmetic injectable treatments. This must be someone you can trust and talk to. This is a relationship that should last for years.

It takes skill and experience to deliver cosmetic treatments that:

  • Are subtle
  • Allow us to look our very best
  • Allow us to look less tired or angry
  • Do not make us look like someone different
  • Do not make us all look the same!

Unfortunately, we have all seen people who have not had this experience and look completely fake and overdone.

We all age differently depending on our genes and environmental exposures. There is no formula or “one size fits all” when it comes to cosmetic treatments. It is essential to consult with an experienced cosmetic doctor to work out an individualised management plan.

At Shine Clinic, we offer a highly professional and personalised service, backed by many years of experience. We are a small clinic and our clients always know exactly who they will be seeing to deliver all of their treatments – myself for all medical and cosmetic injectable treatments and Julie-Anne in the skin clinic.

The process of ageing does not stop and very few people get to a stage in life when they no longer want to look their best. At Shine Clinic, we are here to give you the best advise and recommendations specifically for you. As well as treatments delivered with skill and expertise only acquired through years of experience and further education.

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