As many of you already know, I have introduced the new treatment concept of MD Codes into my cosmetic injectables practice. MD Codes represents a precise method of assessing and then treating the face using dermal fillers.

 The other important concept around MD Codes is that every face gives out certain emotional attributes. There are positive attributes, such as youthfulness and femininity for women or masculinity for men, as well as negative attributes such as tiredness or sadness.

 Most people seek cosmetic treatment because they see something on their face they are not happy with. In many cases, they would like to look less sad, tired and especially less saggy. As we age, loss of volume and the effects of gravity can often leave the face displaying some of these negative emotional attributes. Using MD Codes, we assess the face holistically and specifically address the areas, or Codes, that are responsible for these negative attributes.

 It is important to note that treatment using MD Codes is subtle and gives the face a completely natural appearance. The aim is to leave the face looking less tired, sad, angry or saggy. By doing this, the face will also look more attractive and in many cases, younger.

 Another important feature of this treatment method, is that this is a staged process. A number of treatment sessions are usually needed. They can be a few weeks or a few months apart, but all work towards completing the program. When the program is completed, then we need to look at maintaining this fresh new look. Assessment with minor touch up treatments every 6 to 12 months is recommended.

 Many of you have already come in for a cosmetic facial assessment using MD Codes. We have many clients progressing through their treatment program and some people have now completed a full treatment plan. The results here are fantastic. Most clients do not like to show their before and after photos, which is absolutely fine. But I do have a few examples of clients I have treated using MD Codes who are happy to have their before and after photos on display. I will include some examples in this, and subsequent, newsletters.

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