Cosmetic Injectable Treatments

Cosmetic InjectablesDr Kathy Gallagher performs all cosmetic injectable treatments at Shine. She has 30 years experience in medicine and over ten years as a cosmetic physician. Her area of expertise is to deliver individualised and subtle treatments to enhance the natural appearance.

At Shine, we allow time for a thorough consultation to discuss any concerns. All treatment options are explored and a personalised treatment plan can be developed. Everybody has different goals and treatments can vary from simple interventions to a more significant makeover.

A treatment plan can be realised over a time frame suitable to the client. This results in a gradual rejuvenation and gives more flexibility with budgeting.

All cosmetic consultations are complimentary.
To achieve the best cosmetic outcome, it is essential to look at all treatment options:

  • Relaxation of lines with anti-wrinkle injections
  • Improving facial contours and restoring volume loss with dermal fillers
  • Treatments to even out skin colour, improve texture and stimulate collagen
  • Home skin care
  • Optimising internal health with diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation when needed and hormonal balance

At Shine, we are in a unique position to assist with all of these areas.


Self Assessment Questionnaire

Download our 8 point facial self assessment form to understand how your face changes with age.

Download the Self Assessment Questionnaire (PDF)

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