We launched our own range of skincare, Shine Skin, in the second half of last year and have been very happy with all the formulations and products.

The role of a daily, high quality skin care regime is well established. But we also know that’s not easy to find. Between poorly formulated products, incorrect forms of active ingredients and the use of potentially harmful ingredients, it can also be so easy to be drawn in by outrageous, unscientific and frankly false claims. It can also be very expensive.

Shine Skin products were developed to be an ethical range of skin care. One that is based only on active ingredients with the strongest scientific evidence in the concentrations and formulations, and is delivered in the appropriate mediums. But they aren’t just for scientists. They look, feel and smell beautiful and are still reasonably priced.

In sourcing the Shine Skin range, we also made sure that the products contain no potentially harmful chemicals, preservatives or perfumes and were not tested on animals. It’s also all Australian made.

The other important part of any range of skin care is simplicity. If it’s too complicated, people won’t use it consistently and the results will not be as good. Shine Skin uses a simple numbering system for application:


  1. Choice of cleanser – either the Active Cleanser or Gentle Cleanser
  2. Choice of topical Vitamin C – either C Serum or C Serum Lite
  3. Moisturising Sunscreen


  1. Active Night Serum
  2. Choice of night cream – either Retinal Night Cream or Retinal Intense Night Cream

Other products that can be added if needed

  • Moisturising Peptide Cream
  • Lightening Cream for pigmentation problems
  • Active Body Cream
  • Eye Cream

We invite you to come into Shine for a complimentary skin assessment and to discuss a customised home skincare plan, backed by scientific research, which is safe, simple and highly effective.

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