Getting Started on a Healthy Ageing Plan (Test2)

When it comes to healthy ageing, wanting to look young isn’t about glamour or the ego. It is just as often about competing better in business or looking your best so you feel your best. Along with the idea of healthy ageing comes the ability to address a number of health issues that are specific to this time of life. For many it is the start of a journey of discovery about their body and how to address these changes that ageing can bring.

Whether talking about ageing for men or women, every journey begins with education. Understanding everything that goes into making decisions about healthy ageing means educating yourself on the different health issues that come with ageing and understanding what can be done about them. This is why Shine Clinic offers a holistic approach to creating a healthy ageing plan for each person that looks at all aspects of ageing beyond simply treating disease.

Making Healthy Ageing Decisions

It all begins with making the decision to look at what you are doing now and what you can change to create healthy ageing practices. For many women, the issues begin with menopause as sleep is interrupted, skin turns dry and brittle and energy slows down. We can shrug these off as ‘simply part of getting older’ or we can decide to learn what we can do about it. The path to healthy ageing is about more than finding the ‘magic pill’ to solve everything though. It requires a more rounded approach to find the best solutions.


The Multimodal Approach to Healthy Ageing

We are more than just a collection of chemicals. That is why our approach to healthy ageing has to include all aspects of who we are, including our mental state, our lifestyle and our physical body. This method, often called the multimodal approach in healthcare, uses a holistic methodology to include all aspects of our lives.

A good example is when someone comes to us with low energy as part of their ageing symptoms. With a healthy ageing plan in place we can help this person address not only the chemical causes of fatigue, but look at what lifestyle choices might be contributing to it.

The Importance of Diet and Exercise

While everyone knows that having a healthy diet and exercising is important to your health, we don’t always know the best way to do this. We can help you plan the diet that is right for both you as an individual and for your time of life. Bodies change and their needs change along with them. We can guide you on how to create and keep a smart diet and establish the right exercise plan as part of your new healthy ageing plan.

Sometimes we need to go beyond just a healthy diet. Today’s modern food industry can strip food of many of its benefits, leaving us with empty calories. This can contribute to our health problems as we age. As part of that healthy diet, we can help to identify specific vitamins and trace elements that are essential to your health but may be lacking in your diet. This is where pharmaceutical grade supplements can help by contributing to your well-being with the right blend of good food and the extra boost of supplements that your body can absorb readily. Learn more about this by reading our treatments page about our supplements program for healthy ageing.

Balancing Our Hormones

Hormones regulate so many aspects of our lives that we literally couldn’t function without them. But as we age many of these hormones slow down or stop being produced altogether. This can in turn affect your sleep patterns, your emotions and even create heart issues.

We can work with you to establish your current hormone levels and determine exactly what you need to achieve a hormonal balance to regain the old you. For more details about the importance of balancing your hormones, be sure to read our fact sheet on hormone balancing.

The Personal Touch

Sometimes the issues we face are too big to solve on our own. That is when having your own personal coach to help you through the rough spots can make the difference. At your initial consultation we can discuss if this is the right path for your individual healthy ageing plan. It all begins with a call to set up your initial consultation.

Who can have this treatment?

Creating a sound healthy ageing plan is good for anyone who is looking to improve their health. However, anyone who is experiencing extraordinarily low levels of physical, emotional and mental problems should consult with their regular general practitioner first.

What should I expect during treatment?

Every person who comes to us for a consultation will have a different experience. What you can expect is a one on one consultation to determine your current state, what you want to achieve and how we can work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Are there side effects or risks involved?

There are no known side effects to following a healthy ageing plan. The side effects of not following a healthy ageing plan are seen all around us with increased evidence of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, to name but a few.

Complementary Treatments

All of the treatments at Shine Clinic are part of a healthy ageing plan and should be considered a complementary treatment to the plan as a whole. These can include facial renewal treatments, skin renewal treatments, hormone replacement treatments, vitamin supplement plans and our individualised weight management plans.

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