With the waning days of summer behind us, now is a good time to assess the damage the sun has left on our skin and look at the different ways we can use the winter to heal. The last decade has seen a rise in the amount of skin damage many of us are experiencing here in Australia. The old days of spending the summer lazing around on the beach are behind us, that is for certain.

But even if you were cautious with sunscreen and covered up, chances are your face still saw more sun than it could easily handle. The end result isn’t pretty and more importantly it isn’t healthy. Lucky for all of us, there are some techniques and therapies that can minimise damage and help us to heal.

Finding and Destroying Bad Skin Cells

Most of us are aware that today’s sun is stronger and more lethal then ever before. While you may have been careful to “Slip, Slop, Slap” to keep the majority of your skin safe, it is much harder to protect the facial skin. The end result can often look like anything from more freckles than you really wanted, to precancerous lesions called actinic keratoses that could turn into a nightmare.

Luckily a medical technique that was originally designed to eradicate cancerous skin cells has now been modified for use by cosmetic physicians like Dr. Kathy Gallagher. This highly effective non-invasive technique seeks out abnormal skin cells and destroys them. This is a three-part treatment that has been used very successfully for extreme cases of acne and even to help with scarred skin. It is not for everyone, but if you have been overindulging in the sun this past summer, you may want to consider having a consult with Dr. Gallagher to find out if this treatment is the one for you. Right now Shine Clinic is offering a special discount on photodynamic therapy. For more information about that offer, be sure to check out our specials on the home page.

Understanding Photodynamic Therapy

This technique is being offered because we feel that it is far superior to simply using laser or other light therapies for skin damage. It’s multi-step process allows us to work with the latest techniques in identifying damaged skin cells and eradicating them at the source. This is far more than simply getting rid of ugly damaged skin. It is healing the whole skin by zeroing in on those that have been damaged and leaving behind only healthy skin that can use the winter months to grow new healthy layers. The particular method used at Shine is called a field treatment because it treats a wide field of the skin at a time, capturing and eliminating those cells that prove to be damaged.

It all begins with your consultation with Dr. Gallagher to assess the state of your skin and be sure there are no overarching reasons this would not be the right solution for you. A good example of this would be if you were currently taking a medication that made you sensitive to light or if you had dark skin. Once the decision is made then you would start a two-week regime of applying a special cream to the area you want to have repaired. This would be a 10-15% Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA and will help to prepare your skin for the technique by ridding it of all dead skin before you start your therapy.

What You Can Expect

At the completion of this two-week preparation, you will return to the clinic to complete your photodynamic therapy. You will have a light microdermabrasion to completely clean the skin prior to treatment. This is followed by the application of a solution, absorbed by the damaged cells, making those cells targets for the upcoming light portion of the treatment. This absorption process can take as short a time as five hours or as long as overnight, depending on the area of treatment. It is very important to avoid all exposure to the sun between the solution’s topical treatment and the light therapy

Upon completion of the absorption, red and blue LED lights are applied to the areas where the solution has been absorbed. You will feel the heat as the interaction of the light and the solution begins to pinpoint damaged cells and destroy them. Normal cells are not affected by this treatment, only those that have seen damage. After the treatment you will go home, completely avoiding any sun exposure for the next 48 hours. Your skin may be red or even a bit swollen initially, but this is normal. You will have a cream that will deal with any discomfort as your body begins the healing process.

Many will see a small crust form over the areas where the damaged cells have been destroyed. This is not cause for concern; it is a sign that your body is healing. Soon new healthy skin will form in these areas and in 5-10 days you will see a new healthier skin layer where once there were pockets of damaged skin cells.

Modern Science Meets Spa Health and Beauty

If this sounds like science fiction to you, you aren’t alone. But with today’s modern understanding of how our body works, we are finding new and exciting techniques to help us heal. This is why we are so excited to offer you the special opportunity named below to take advantage of this revolutionary technique and take care of your health at the same time. But it won’t be offered for long, so don’t delay making the decision to take care of your summer skin now.

Not sure if this is the right treatment for you? No worries, just take a look at our Triniti Facial Rejuvenation Treatments or IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatments and see if there isn’t something to help you start the Winter healing process. Even if you aren’t planning to cocoon at home, this is the perfect time for a little R&R and for maybe even a bit of pampering. After all, you got through the crazy busy days of summer and are ready for some slowing down and taking care of yourself. Winter is a great time to make plans to help our bodies rest and recover before the holidays hit us again.

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