There probably isn’t a single person out there who doesn’t want to lose a few kilos of body fat, reduce cellulite and at the same time, tighten the overlying skin.  Now is the time of year when we are making promises to ourselves to do just that.

A long term diet and exercise program is essential for optimal health and to maintain an ideal body weight. Sometimes, however, we need a kick start to lose a few kilos quickly and see results in a few short weeks. It would also be quite nice to achieve this without strenuous exercise and without going crazy with hunger.

The HCG diet is medically supervised and prescribed. It has been used successfully for over 50 years and is the perfect way to lose body fat fast. HCG is used daily, along with a low calorie diet, to mobilise and burn abnormal fat stores while sparing muscle tissue. It also has an effect in reducing food cravings. The HCG diet is a strict protocol but when used correctly can result in up to 7kg of weight loss for women and 10kg for men in just 3 weeks.

MedContour is a non invasive ultrasonic treatment to reduce localised fat and cellulite. A course of MedContour treatments will reduce fat and cellulite as well as tighten the overlying skin. Fat cells are destroyed and removed from the treated area via lymphatic drainage.  If the body is in a state of negative calorie balance, as with the HCG diet, these fats are used as an energy source very effectively. Combining a course of MedContour treatments with a 3 or 6 week HCG diet has the amazing effect of losing body fat fast and at the same time shaping and smoothing the problem areas.

This is a significant body makeover! If you like to find out more about these treatments, please call Shine on (07)  3262 7642 or email us to make an appointment today.

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