Non surgical cosmetic treatments have definitely become a lot more sophisticated in recent years. I find it so exciting to attend workshops and conferences throughout the year outlining new treatments and techniques, especially when it comes to cosmetic injectables.

Last month, I attended Allergan’s annual congress showcasing new injectable products as well as new techniques. There were excellent presentations by both Australian and international speakers.  I thought I would just share with you a few of my “take home messages”.

When I first started working in this industry about thirteen years ago, we had muscle relaxing injections and the original dermal filler- collagen. All we could do at this stage was fill lines and define lips. How different things are now!

It is essential to look at the face as a whole and not focus our attention on one or two defined areas. Sometimes, when we look in the mirror, we focus on a small line or feature we are not happy with, but fail to see the complete picture.

To get the best possible result from non-surgical cosmetic treatments, a total face assessment is recommended. This ensures a balanced, harmonious and age-appropriate outcome. A total face assessment will look at the following key areas of facial ageing and how they may be improved:

  • Initially, a first impression is noted. Is the face angry, sad or tired? Is there something distracting about the face?
  • Skin tone is noted. Clear, smooth skin equals youthful skin.
  • Facial shape. As we age the face loses its oval shape and the lower face gets heavier.
  • At this stage, we can start looking at  individual features. The face can be divided into upper, middle and lower thirds. Starting with the upper third and working our way down, we can assess individual features that may benefit from specific treatments.

It is at this point that a treatment plan can be discussed. The usual process is to look at a plan that is not simply a quick fix, but has a long term goal of keeping you looking your best long into the future.

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