Our Body’s Cosmetic Image

We all have a loveā€“hate relationship with our bodies. We look into the mirror and find parts of ourselves we are happy with, some we are okay with and others that we would love to trade in for a new model. This tends to happen more often as we age. Our inner cosmetic image begins to clash with our outer reality. Sometimes even small changes can have a big impact on our sense of self.

While there was a time when the only option to do anything about this was to go under the knife, today there are many non-invasive solutions. Some utilise new cosmetic image tools that were initially created to fight deadly diseases. Others work in a holistic way to give us peace of mind. Here at Brisbane’s Shine Clinic we work with you to help you define what areas of your body you want to redefine or change. Because in the end it is you, our clients, who know your bodies best.

There are some specific parts of our body that need special attention. At Shine Clinic we understand this and offer treatments focusing on specific areas that need their own unique approach.

  • Hand Renewal and Rejuvenation – Because our hands are such an expressive part of our body, we want them to look good. But when skin discoloration or large veins begin to show, we can feel that our hands don’t represent how we see ourselves. Shine Clinic works with you to create treatments to solve a variety of problems using dermal fillers, radio frequency treatments to stimulate collagen and IPL skin rejuvenation. We also offer cutting edge treatments using platelet rich plasma to restore that healthy glow to your hand’s surface. For more detailed information feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation or view our treatments page on hand rejuvenation.
  • Underarm Sweating – While we all sweat some people suffer from hyperhydrosis, an excessive sweating that can be embarrassing as well as costly when it comes to damage to our clothes. But this doesn’t have to interfere with your peace of mind, there is a solution. Our clinic in Brisbane offers a series of injections that will soon have you feeling cooler and more in control in just one session. To learn more about how you can conquer your excessive sweating contact us for a free consultation with Shine Clinic or use the link to our underarm sweating page to find out more.
  • Cellulite Treatment and Body Contouring – Ultrasonic cavitation is the latest treatment to remove unwanted pockets of fat without surgery. This non-invasive body contouring technique can help remove those last stubborn places where small reservoirs of fat refuse to budge. From love handles to tummy pouches after giving birth, this alternative treatment to liposuction dissolves fat that the body then reabsorbs naturally. It literally melts the fat away. Cellulite may be a natural part of the ageing process but that doesn’t mean we want it on our bodies. Shine Clinic offers a quick and easy cellulite treatment that utilises ultrasound to shake apart those fat cells that cause cellulite at a cellular level and get rid of them using the bodies own natural defenses. To learn more about our cellulite and body contouring treatments.
  • Body Hair Removal – Home remedies for unwanted body hair such as hot wax treatments only solve the problem on a surface level. Before you know it, the hair is back and waiting for attention. Shine Clinic offers Elos, a patented hair removal treatment that uses a combination of bi-polar radio frequency and light energy to destroy hair follicles below the dermal layer safely and effectively. Find more information about Shine Clinic’s Elos hair treatment by following our link to the detailed hair treatment page.

Talk to Kathy About Body’s Cosmetic Image

Each person has their own individual set of requirements so we recommend that you make an appointment and talk to Dr Kathy Gallagher to decide on your individual plan. Many of these treatments are even more effective when experienced alongside other complementary body treatments. See the big picture regarding your own skin and bodycare and make an informed decision by discussing your needs with a caring and knowledgeable medical professional. Call and make an appointment today.

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