Don't sweat it - treat it

The Australian sun can be brutal, but when you suffer from intense sweating (hyperhidrosis) your reaction to it can be overwhelming. This problem with excessive sweating can have such a negative impact on people’s lives that it can even stop them from enjoying sports, dancing and life in general.

Here at Shine Clinic in Brisbane we understand this and have an easy one step solution to stop this problem with excessive sweating in its tracks. Our simple and relatively painless injection treatment uses powerful and safe neurotoxins to block the release of chemicals that overstimulate the sweat glands. This blocking puts an end to hyperhidrosis so you can relax and stop worrying about overactive sweating.

Get your life back and start enjoying the activities in life that you may have been skipping. The first step is the simplest, make an appointment with Dr Kathy Gallagher to discuss your problems with underarm sweating. You can solve your sweating problem by getting the hyperhidrosis treatment Brisbane men and women use and love.


Who can have this treatment?

You should not take this treatment if you have had a serious reaction to this or any similar type of treatment. Anyone with any kind of infection at the site of the proposed treatment is not a good candidate for this type of treatment.

What should I expect during treatment?

Our treatment is quick and quite simple. The underarm area is cleaned and then the area to be treated is marked out with a grid to evenly space the injections. The tiny injections of muscle relaxer are placed very superficially within this grid. There is very little discomfort using this technique. The procedure takes about 15 minutes total and has little after-effects outside of minor possible bruising from any injection site. The effect of the treatment should last for between 7–8 months.

Are there side effects or risks involved?

There is little in the way of side effects outside of the usual bruising from injections.

Complementary Treatments

Many people find that having permanent hair reduction treatments in this area is also helpful when having their underarm sweating controlled with this treatment.

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