Lip enhancement treatments at shine clinic

Our lips are an important focus for our beauty; people focus on our lips as we speak and smile. Whether your lips are naturally full or thin, there are a variety of non-invasive lip enhancement treatments, including both dermal fillers and injectible muscle relaxants, that are offered here at Shine Clinic in Brisbane.

Changes in our skin can affect our lips in many ways. Ageing will often result in losing much of the fullness in our lips. Vertical lines will begin to appear. In addition, we can often find ourselves looking sad or angry when we aren’t feeling that way because of the pulling down of the corners of our lips as we age. Our cupid’s bow can become flattened and we can develop those little lines above the lip often called ‘smoker’s lines’ even if we don’t smoke. This can make lipstick messy and bleed outside the lip line.

The most important thing about performing a lip augmentation procedure is to ensure that the results will look entirely natural. Lips need to be in balance with the face. We never want to end up with lips that look like they are full of filler. No one should know! This is where experience, an aesthetic eye and medical knowledge about choosing the correct product are all essential. This is what you can expect at Shine.

Who can have this treatment?

Lip enhancements are not for everyone

These lip enhancement treatments should not be used by women who are pregnant, think they may be pregnant or are still nursing a baby. While an allergic reaction is rare, anyone who has had a previous reaction or has problems with bad scarring may also not be a good candidate for lip enhancement treatments. Also, anyone who is currently on immune suppressing treatments or medications should avoid dermal fillers.

What should I expect during treatment?

Dermal Fillers – As with all of our dermal filler treatments, the first step is the consultation. Because lip enhancement is such an individual treatment, we will want to discuss all concerns and the results you want to achieve at an initial consultation with Dr Kathy Gallagher. The treatment itself is fairly quick, taking about 10-20 minutes. All fillers used at Shine are made from natural sugars that are injected as a gel into the lip and sometimes around the lip to plump out areas such as the cupid’s bow and fill in the tiny wrinkles such as those around the lips. We have a number of dermal fillers that we can use in the lips. Some products are designed to give more volume and fullness and others are more about hydrating the lip and reducing the vertical lines that can develop as we age.

Muscle Relaxing Injections – We can use tiny doses of muscle relaxing injections to reduce top lip lines. This works very well alone in some cases or when lines are deeper we can combine this with a fine dermal filler to fill in these lines. For some people, down turned lip corners can be a problem, giving the face a sad appearance. Here we can use a muscle relaxing injection to improve this area. Again, sometimes we combine this with a dermal filler to support the lip corners if there is some loss of volume in this area.

We recommend to all of our clients to come in 45 minutes prior to their booked appointment time to have a strong topical anaesthetic cream applied to the lips. There is also local anaesthetic mixed in with the dermal fillers we use and we always inject with tiny needles. All this adds up to a treatment that rarely gives any significant discomfort and minimises the risk of swelling or bruising. Ice is recommended after the treatment. The lips will remain numb for about 30 minutes. We also recommend the avoidance of hot drinks initially and no vigorous exercise for 24–48 hours as this can result in a greater chance of swelling and bruising.

Are there side effects or risks involved?

The most common side effects for any wrinkle treatments, including lip enhancement, is a slight amount of bruising, redness and swelling the first few days after treatment. This is temporary and should not cause any lasting problems. The lips are rich in blood vessels and therefore bruising and swelling are a little more common here. We have found that using tiny needles for the treatments will reduce this risk.

If you suffer with cold sores, there is a possibility that this treatment could cause a flare up. We will recommend taking a preventative anti-viral medication if this is the case. Other infections are extremely rare using these temporary fillers, but remain a remote possibility.

Complementary Treatment

The lips are not an isolated feature on the face. It is important to assess the face as a whole and to keep everything in balance. We have already discussed treating the areas around the lips with dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections where indicated. It may also be important to treat the skin to improve the texture or even out irregular pigment. Combined IPL and RF treatments can do this perfectly.

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