Treatments to relax clenched jaws

Clenching or grinding the teeth is a common experience for many, especially when under stress. But while we tend to be aware of it when we do it during the day, at night it can do even more damage to teeth and jaws because we are unaware of it. The term for this act, bruxism, even sounds every bit as brutal as it is on our body. Unfortunately, it not only is hard on our teeth, it can play havoc with our jaw function, give many who suffer from it enormous headaches and leave us with heavy tired jaw muscles.

Even once we confront the problem and make changes to stop the teeth clenching, it can leave a lasting impact. Muscles that have been continuously clenched can be enlarged, giving the lower jaw a square and unattractive look. It can make our faces look ‘bottom heavy’ and detract from our overall appearance. Luckily Brisbane’s Shine clinic can offer a treatment for jaw-clenching that will address this.

By administering several small doses of muscle relaxer directly into the affected area we can relieve the pain and stress quickly. With the relaxing of the muscles the clenching will stop and the entire area can regain their normal functions, as well as end the teeth grinding. Within a few weeks most people will experience a complete change and find the muscles in the jaw area will begin to regain their normal shape and size.

Who can have this treatment?

These treatments are not recommended for women who are pregnant, think they may be pregnant or are still nursing a baby. While an allergic reaction is unusual, previous sensitivities to muscle relaxing injections should be discussed ahead of time. In addition, anyone who has had former experiences with scarring may not be a good candidate for these treatments.

What should I expect during the jaw clenching treatment?

The treatment for jaw-clenching is a relatively quick and painless one. We will simply administer a few very small injections to relax the clenching of the jaw. These muscle relaxers will allow the muscles to slowly regain their normal shape and function. The needles used to administer the muscle relaxers are quite tiny, so a minimal amount of discomfort will be felt. However, because the tolerance for discomfort is different for each person, a numbing cream can be administered upon request. The actual time for the jaw-clenching treatment is about 10 minutes.

There is no actual downtime and you can resume your normal day immediately after the treatment outside of these two considerations. We do ask that you don’t rub the treated area or engage in vigorous activity for the first 24 hours after the treatment.

You may begin to feel the influence of the jaw-clenching treatment within a few days of your session. However, you should be aware of the fact that it will be several weeks before you experience the full effects of the treatment. Results should last for about 6–7 months. We would recommend a repeat treatment after six months.

Side effects of the jaw clenching treatment

The most common side effect for teeth grinding treatments might be a small amount of bruising, redness and swelling. These will only last the first few days after treatment and then disappear. They should not cause any lasting problems.

Complementary Treatments

Relaxing the enlarged muscles that cause excessive tooth grinding or jaw clenching will slim the lower face and improve the appearance generally. An overall assessment may reveal other areas in the upper or mid face that have lost volume and using dermal fillers here can restore a more balanced and youthful facial shape.

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