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Feeling good often goes hand in hand with looking our best. This is especially true when it comes to our faces. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, time and the elements can leave us feeling we are not presenting our best face forward, so to speak. Luckily there are several treatments, including radio frequency skin tightening or skin rejuvenation treatments that can help us regain that youthful appearance.

Our trio of skin renewal treatments can help with a variety of improvements. We can once again feel the joy of smooth skin and a fresh soft face as well as erasing those little wrinkles that can make us feel old before our time. Technologies have changed over the years and the latest in radio frequency skin tightening techniques have made huge strides and continue to improve to give us even better results.

We combine the best of these technologies in our special Elos Triniti Treatment here at Shine Clinic in Brisbane. It’s the ultimate when it comes to top of the line facial skin care. The three treatment sessions will synergistically deliver a more even skin tone, lift and tighten skin and improve the overall texture of the skin. The sessions include:

  • A combination of intense pulse light (IPL) treatment with radio frequency (RF) to give the skin better tone by evening out the brown and red pigments in the skin.
  • A combination of pulsed infrared light and bipolar radio frequency to stimulate collagen production and create tighter skin.
  • A bipolar radio frequency treatment that focuses on stimulating collagen to improve skin texture and increase elasticity in the skin.


Who can have this treatment?

Radio frequency is safe for all skin types, however, better effects may be produced in some people compared to others. It is far less effective on overweight people and smokers. Anyone with cardiac pacemakers, metal implants, or hardware near the area being treated are generally not good candidates. For facial treatments this would include braces on the teeth.

In addition, the tightening effect of radio frequency may be more effective in younger people because collagen bonds are more easily broken by heating young skin compared with older skin, where the collagen is less easily denatured.

With the IPL part of this treatment, keep in mind that deep wrinkles do not respond well to IPL. It is not suitable for those with a susceptibility to excessive scarring. As well, it is not recommended for women with dark skin as there is a risk of pigment changes.

The treatment is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

What should I expect from the Triniti treatment?

For the Triniti treatment the first step will always be to have a consultation with our doctor, Kathy Gallagher, regarding your individual expectations and requirements. At this time a patch test will be performed along with a discussion about whether this particular treatment combination is the best solution for you. Photos of the face and neck are taken for comparison. Prior to the actual treatment a numbing cream is applied to ensure comfort. You will have protective eye shields for the first treatment as it involves flashes of intense light.

The first treatment in this trio will be an intense pulse light or IPL coupled with radio frequency for a unique skin rejuvenation treatment. While this is being applied you will feel a slight tingling very similar to what you would feel if someone were to continuously flick you with a rubber band.

The next treatment involves the Refirme skin tightening applicator. This small device will be passed over the treatment areas to tighten and lift. This part of the treatment is painless. Another layer of numbing cream will be added at the end of this treatment in preparation for the final session of this three-part skin solution.

The third and last treatment involves radio frequency and because we use quite a strong anaesthetic cream, this final session will be only mildly uncomfortable. The Sublative RF hand piece is passed over the intended treatment areas, pulsing radio frequency energy into the skin in a matrix pattern. This part of the treatment targets the deep dermal level to stimulate collagen production and so promotes a smoother skin texture. There is minimal impact on the surface of the skin and maximum effect on the deeper layers. This results in less downtime. If there are areas of specific concern, such as the deeper lines around the mouth or acne scars, treatment can be focused here.

Immediate Post Treatment Conditions

Because the skin will feel hot for the first hour or two after treatment, cooling packs can be applied for comfort. The skin will be intact and we will apply a soothing cream as well as a B5 gel and sunscreen before you leave.

Upon completion of the treatment you will notice a slight swelling in the skin as a reaction to the treatment. This is normal and should subside by the next day. Occasionally, swelling can last for a few days, rarely a week.

You will also see a matrix pattern of red squares from the sublative RF treatment that will fade soon, generally within a few days. As the tiny dots begin to heal they will crust over and flake off the skin. This is a normal part of the healing process and may take from 5–10 days. It is important to not pick at the crusting as it appears but rather let it proceed at its own natural pace. Improvements in skin texture are generally seen over weeks to months and with subsequent treatments.

Some pigmentation areas will appear darker when you have first completed the treatment. Don’t be alarmed, this is temporary and will subside in a few days. These areas will then lift off the skin and crumble away, leaving clear and smooth

After Treatment Care

It is recommended that you use a product such as Collegen Pro to give the skin extra nutrients while healing. For the two weeks following the treatment you should only use very gentle skin cleansers and moisturisers in order to promote ongoing healing. Do not apply topical Vitamin A or AHAs to the skin or use any treatments that induce collagen stimulation during this post-treatment time, including cosmeceuticals.

Repeat Treatments

For best results we recommend having a total of three Triniti treatments at approximately 4–6 week intervals. A further session after 6–12 months may be beneficial to maintain the skin’s improved colour, tone and texture.

Are there side effects or risks involved?

Because side effects are minimal you’ll typically find you can return to your regular routine within one to three days of the procedure, only rarely can this be for up to one week. Temporary itching, redness and minor skin peeling may be experienced, but can usually be covered with mineral makeup.

Some areas of the skin may get darker initially. This will quickly settle after old skin cells are pushed to the surface and begin to crust off. Applying a moisturiser twice a day can assist this process. It is not advisable to be exposed to direct sun for at least two weeks after treatment and even then only with effective sunscreen as this can result in increased pigment in the skin.

If you have a history of the Herpes Simplex Virus you may want to take an antiviral medication to prevent a cold sore outbreak as a result of the treatment.


Complementary Treatments

A series of Triniti treatments can be combined with many other cosmetic procedures to give maximum benefits. Muscle relaxing injections will further reduce wrinkles and dermal fillers can assist in reducing lines and lifting sagging skin.

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