Our skin is our largest single organ and yet for many it is one that can often be overlooked when it comes to care. As we age, the level of care we’ve previously taken of our skin (or lack thereof!) may begin to show. But all is not lost! Today more than ever before, there are many new and innovative ways to help bring back the glow and energy of our youth.

There are a number of approaches to making our outer dermal layer not only look younger but actually be younger and feel great. Here at Shine Clinic in Brisbane we work with you to find the right combination of approaches to suit your particular situation and need. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Dr Kathy Gallagher to discuss exactly what kind of skin treatment or combination of treatments is right for you.

Our skin treatment program includes a variety of approaches to bring a healthy glow to your skin, improve its overall well-being and even correct for skin disorders.

  • Skin Renewal/Rejuvenation – We combine light and radio frequency healing to eliminate damaged skin and restore and rejuvenate. See our skin rejuvenation page to learn more.
  • Skin Tightening – The last decade has seen the development of several new approaches to skin tightening that are non-invasive and relatively pain-free. Shine’s Brisbane skin care clinic offers radiofrequency treatments with Refirme, a new state of the art skin tightening technique. This ground-breaking procedure utilises radiowave energy to contract fibres and create firm effects on lax skin. Reduce wrinkles, observe lifting and see more luminous skin texture with only three treatments. Learn more from this fact sheet or book your appointment today.
  • Peels – Improve skin texture and bring back that radiant glow. Learn more about peels.
  • Light Therapy – A solution for skin disorders using photodynamic therapy for everything from acne to rosacea. Learn more about our light therapy treatments.

Talk to Kathy About Skin Care Treatments

Each person has their own individual set of requirements, we recommend that you make an appointment to come in and talk to Dr Kathy Gallagher to decide on your individual plan. Many of these treatments are even more effective when experienced alongside other complementary facial renewal treatments. See the big picture regarding your own skin care and make an informed decision by discussing your needs with a caring and knowledgeable doctor. Call and make an appointment today.

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