Losing weight in the right places

Managing weight has become a national preoccupation. But yo-yoing from diet to diet can be destructive for the body and debilitating for the soul. At our weight loss clinic Brisbane men and women recieve medical supervision to help them define their individual weight loss program. Our prescription-only program includes the role of hormones in weight management in addition to exercise, and calorie restriction. This combination of approaches, tailored to an individual’s body, has proven results.

Sometimes the need is not to lose weight overall, but to zero in on a few specific areas that stubbornly refuse to respond to diet and exercise. The fat we retain around the hips, buttocks and tummy can be the last to leave even with a successful diet program. Utilizing state of the art techniques in ultrasound and radiofrequency, Shine Clinic has developed a non-invasive program to remove these stubborn pockets of fat in a way that allows the body to simply reabsorb fat cells into the system.

Whatever the reason for losing weight, regardless of your age, sex or health, we offer programs that help. With our medically based approach, informed by the latest breakthroughs in cellular medicine, Shine Clinic can help you to find your way back to a healthy weight.

Time and life can take their toll on our bodies. It sometimes leaves us with extra kilos put on by stress, changes with age and illness. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up. At Shine’s weight loss clinic Brisbane women and men have found the help they need to remove those extra kilos safely. Whether you are looking for a program to remove a set amount of weight or simply something to help you slim down in those problem areas, we have a solution for you.

  • Weight Loss Program – Our medically supervised program looks at the big picture of weight loss. The program is defined by both diet based on the latest medical understanding of caloric intake and a minimal use of hormones to help target abnormal body fat and eliminate food cravings. Combined with an understanding of your individual body’s needs along with targeted exercise programs, we create a holistic approach to weight loss. Looking for more information? Be sure to follow the link to our informative weight loss treatment page and find out how you can begin today.
  • Fat Removal – Sometimes even with a strict regime of diet and exercise we are left with little pockets of fat that just won’t go away. It can be frustrating and until recently the only way to be rid of them was through surgery. But new scientific breakthroughs have led to tools that can dissolve these pockets of fat using ultrasound and radiofrequency. This gradual non-invasive technique can help melt those fat pockets off, without the need to face costly and dangerous surgery. To find out more about our non-invasive fat removal treatments be sure to follow the link to our treatments page.


Talk to Kathy About Brisbane’s Cutting Edge Clinic

Making decisions about any of these weight loss programs doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Because each person has their own individual set of requirements for weight loss we recommend that you make an appointment to come in and talk to Dr Kathy Gallagher to decide on your individual plan for weight loss. Sometimes these treatments can give you a more effective result when combined with other treatments that will complement the program. It helps to discuss these with a medical professional who can give you the big picture. Make an informed decision by exploring all your options with a caring and knowledgeable doctor. Call today to make your appointment at Shine Clinic in Brisbane.


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