For anyone who has ever lost significant weight, you know how frustrating it can be to find you have gained all the lost weight back again. The reason for this is simple, you need to do more than just lose weight. Most strict diets focus on losing kilograms on the scales. Unfortunately this will be half body fat and half precious muscle tissue. When the diet is over and normal eating resumes, there is reduced metabolism from a reduced muscle mass and therefore weight is regained and then some. At Shine Clinic we ensure that this does not happen. We have a number of tools we use to help our clients lose weight successfully. Medical assessment with a thorough dietary history and examination, often with support from lab tests is essential. We need to look at hormonal balance as well as any underlying health issues. We can then understand better the big picture of why we gain weight and how we can not only take it off but keep it off. This is why the Shine Clinic’s weight loss programs Brisbane dieters enthuse about are so effective.

Our prescription only weight loss program comes from truly understanding you and your body’s needs. It is so effective that we have been able to help women lose up to 7kgs of fat in only three weeks. With many men we have been even more successful; we have seen men lose as much as 10kg over our three-week program. What is even more important is that with our medically sound weight loss program we can help you to keep that weight off. If your target is to lose more than this, we can work with you to develop a six-week program to help you meet your target weight. On occasion, individuals can do more than one cycle of the diet when large amounts of weight need to come off.


Prescription Weight Loss Program

At the centre of this program is a special hormone that, in the past, has been used to treat fertility issues. It has become a very controversial lynchpin in a diet when simply used as an over-the-counter measure to lose weight fast. When used incorrectly and unsupervised, the hormone can contribute to the cycle of yo-yo dieting. However, when used as part of a program supervised by a doctor that includes various supplements specifically for this treatment it is not only safe but very effective.

That is why Shine Clinic works closely with anyone who is interested in this special diet program to establish the best way to meet their target weight. The program includes a diet restricted to 500 calories a day along with a tiny injection of the hormone. This hormone makes changes to your metabolism that aids you in breaking down fat and getting rid of it permanently. By losing the fat, and not the protein in your muscle, you not only lose the weight but keep it off. What is even more important, with the guidance of Dr Kathy Gallagher you can do this in a way that will never jeopardise your health.

What our Weight Loss Program Can Do for You

We know that many people struggle with their weight, many of them for most of their lives. In addition, age can bring on unexpected weight gains. If you drift from diet to diet you not only feel frustrated by not keeping the weight off, you can create serious medical issues. This is why we believe that serious dieting requires oversight from a doctor along with supplements to make sure the body has everything it needs while dieters cut back on calories. Using this combination approach, we can:

  • Cut back on the cravings that so often defeat a diet
  • Take off fat, not the all-important muscle
  • Target abnormal fat where it is stored
  • Suppress appetite in a healthy way
  • Bring your weight to a new healthy low
  • Help you to keep that weight target, so rebound weight doesn’t defeat you

There are hundreds of good reasons to start on a diet, and probably just as many excuses to put it off until another day. Why wait when you can have the weight you want in just 3–6 weeks and stay healthy while you do it.

Who can have this treatment?

There are very few people who cannot follow this diet. It is not recommended when pregnant, trying to fall pregnant or breast feeding. It is contraindicated if there is a history of hormone dependent cancers. People with non insulin dependent diabetes can do the diet with careful monitoring, but is not recommended with insulin dependent diabetes. Anyone with gallstones should not follow this diet. If someone has an elevated uric acid, the diet can precipitate an episode of gout. There are measures that can be taken to prevent this in most cases.

In most cases, the health benefits of significant weight loss, outweigh any risks. It is a decision to be taken in consultation with our medical professional.

What should I expect during treatment?

To begin our weight loss programs Brisbane dieters will need to first make an appointment for a consultation with Shine Clinic to discuss current health, diet goals and a longer term treatment plan. Blood and/or saliva tests may be needed initially. Where appropriate a diet will be prescribed that limits food intake to 500 calories per day, along with hormonal support and supplements to ensure optimal health and results.

The prescription diet is dispensed by a componding chemist. When we receive all the components of the diet, another appointment is made to walk you through each step of this quite strict program. The diet must be done exactly according to the rules. This is when we take your measurements to assess your weight and body composition.

Another appointment is recommended after the three weeks of weight loss, during the stabilisation phase. At this appointment, we will reassess your measurements and look at maintenance. Longer term hormonal balancing or nutritional supplementation may be of benefit.

Are there side effects or risks involved?

With correct patient selection and strict adherence to the program, there should be no adverse health issues from the restricted number of calories taken in each week. Gout and gallstones are two conditions that can be precipitated in susceptible individuals, but this is avoidable when under medical supervision.

Complementary Treatments

As the weight begins to come off, dieters might want to consider adding a body contouring treatment to complement the lost weight. If skin becomes loose, a skin tightening program that is planned at the time of the diet can ensure that the lost weight doesn’t result in sagging skin at key areas. After completion of the weight loss program many dieters chose to take a facial rejuvenation program to enhance the changes from the diet.


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