The way our face ages over time is highly individualised. There are many factors that contribute to this process. Obviously, our genetic makeup is an important factor and often we can look to our mothers to get a few clues as to what to expect.
Other factors equally important include:• Sun exposure
• Smoking and exposure to other toxins
• Hormones
• Stress
• Diet and lifestyle

Whatever the cause, there are changes in the face that occur at a number of levels:

• In the skin, we see changes in pigmentation, loss of collagen and decreased elasticity.• There is loss of underlying fat in the face and changes to various facial muscles.

• We even get loss of the underlying bone.The youthful face has more fullness and soft curves. As we age, a little “deflation” occurs. Skin becomes saggy, there is some hollowing around the eyes, in the temples and the cheeks.

This volume loss can be addressed with the use of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can do two things. They can fill out hollowed areas. They can also assist with lifting sagging skin. This helps return to the face the softer curves of youth.

Some people have certain fears and apprehensions about using dermal fillers to improve the appearance. Unfortunately, we do see evidence of inappropriate use of these products with some individuals looking “overdone” and anything but natural. We have come a long way in recent years with improvements in the quality and variety of the various dermal fillers available. There has also been many advancements with respect to injection techniques and minimisation of discomfort
during the procedure.

To get the very best results with any non surgical procedure, it is essential to use the best quality products with a proven safety record. Equally as important is the skill, experience and artistic eye of your injector. The aim is to improve the appearance in a completely natural way.

If you have concerns about volume loss and facial ageing and would like to look at the options available to you, please make an appointment at Shine for a complimentary consultation.

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