For many of us, it is not difficult to allow less-then-desirable eating habits occur far too often in our busy lives. I found that I wasn’t putting the effort into my eating habits, like I once used to and witnessed the gradual increase in my weight, especially over the last 12 months. I was uncomfortable in my clothes, avoiding jeans and tighter outfits, often opting for loose fitting clothing. I didn’t feel as confident in myself and felt that I had let myself go and so continued on my ‘life is busy, I’ll get around to it’ approach.

When the New Year arrived I decided it was time to take control and make a change to improve my health and well being. I spoke with Dr Kathy about the Weight Loss by Prescription program available through Shine. I chose the 3 week program which involved calorie control, vitamins and daily injections. Some find the concept of injections daunting. I don’t like needles (and ironically I work in a cosmetic injectable clinic and have treatments!), however, Dr Kathy demonstrated what I needed to do. I found it relatively painless and not difficult, only taking a few minutes each morning to do, fast becoming part of my daily routine. I found that you can be quite inventive with the foods that are allowed. With advice from the Shine team, other clients who have also completed the program, in addition to the useful handbook that comes with the program, I lost a total of 6 kilograms over the 3 weeks. I am extremely impressed with the program’s effectiveness. There are only minor lifestyle sacrifices to make short-term in order to achieve a great result.

I have now signed back up to my local gym, go for daily walks and am so much more aware of calorie consumption and what I put into my body. I am eating more regularly and make smarter choices. I feel that in life you need balance and this of course reflects in your diet. Realistically I can’t deprive myself of the things I enjoy, however, I know that portion size, moderation and limiting frequency of ‘treats’ are key factors in maintaining my new healthy weight. I have invested time, effort and money in myself and am determined to maintain my new goal! I encourage anyone who is feeling that they want to improve their weight, to arrange a medical consultation with Dr Kathy to discuss the program for yourself.

– Carmen, Practice Manager – Shine Clinic.


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